Elks Memorial Service
Sunday, December 04, 2022, 02:00pm

The Grand Lodge of the Order of Elks has decreed that the first Sunday in December be set apart to honor the memory of our deceased members.

The Fort Smith Elks Lodge #341 will be conducting our Elks Memorial Service on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 at 2pm at the lodge.

This special day affords us the opportunity to conduct a reverent service of remembrance for those who have passed away during the past year. Please plan to attend this service with honor and compassion. The proper attention given to this service not only pays tribute to the departed, but also strengthens our Lodge and the Order of Elks.

This is a very touching ceremony honoring our members who have passed in the last year. We just learned we also have a second long time member, Jack Vaughn, who passed away in the summer. Jack will be honored along with long-time member, Elmer Richardson. We encourage everyone to attend. Guy Smith, Harold Stewart, Jo Earp, and Ira Earp will lead the service this year. Immediately after the service we will have a pot luck lunch. Bring your favorite covered dish and enjoy the best food to ever cross your lips. 

In a spirit of Brotherly Love, we write the faults of our departed members upon the shifting sands of time and inscribe their virtues upon the Tablets of Love and Memory.

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